India-UK X-over (pronounced cross-over) is a programme for cross-market commercialisation and investment in tech based innovation in the India-UK (and Euro-Asia) corridor.

X-over programme objectives:

  • Developing the venture capital ecosystem in the UK-India corridor via LP participations, VC alliances and co-investment partnerships
  • Creating commercial opportunities via industry use case development, innovation challenges and corporate-startup connect programme
  • Scale-up and investment platform to support growth stage tech ventures operating in the UK-India corridor

Connected Ecosystem for Commercialisation & Investment


Taking the startup from domestic market traction to rapid commercialization and attracting institutional venture capital for global expansion


Engage with a portfolio of emerging tech ventures to develop innovation and market access partnerships.


Co-invest in quality startups with “proof-of-market” to support commercialisation in UK/Europe and India/SE Asia


10 Innovation Challenges

Traditionally, banks have held monopoly over their customer data, leading to limited choice of products and services to end consumers. With Open Banking, this is set to change as banks are being mandated to share this data via APIs with third parties, with a view to promote competition and hence better choice for customers. Banks are looking to turn this regulatory hurdle into opportunity, even in geographies where the regulations are yet to come, by partnering with Fintech to offer their APIs (data and payments) to third party developers.

1. API marketplace: create and offer open APIs to facilitate industry standardisation and creation of innovative customer-centric solutions

2. API management: solutions for administration, authentication, authorisation etc. of APIs

3. Developer platforms and sandboxes

Category: Fintech

With the emergence and rapid growth of Insurtech, traditional insurers (carriers, brokers, re-insurers) are competing for new digital-native customers as well as re-inventing their business processed and insurance offerings. In addition to Insurtech platforms, this also presents an opportunity for digital-native platforms across verticals to partner with insurance companies as a ditribution channel or create product for new customer segments.


  • Risk modelling: dynamic pricing, leveraging real time and alternate data, IoT/ Telematics
  • Distribution: Digital platforms for launching direct-to-consumer propositions,
  • Claims: Automating the claims process – FNOL, data capture, documentation and settlement
  • Policy Admin: Data/ analytics solutions to Identify and manage risk for policy lapses and surrenders
  • Product Innovation: Leverage customer data/ insights to launch new propositions e.g. income protection, byte-sized insurance

Category: Fintech

Traditional lending modules are both frustrating for both individual and SME customers applying for loans as it takes too much time and collaterals to have access to finance. Banks need to take advantage of the latest advances in technology with regard to data analytics for credit scoring. There is immense potential in being able to use these technologies to enhance efficiency in the credit scoring process and in turn extend their reach to “new to credit individuals”.


  • Use of AI/ ML and alternative data for underwriting
  • Digital solutions for real time decisioning and loan disbursals
  • Insights/ analytics for enhanced customer profiling and segmentation
  • Distribution partnerships providing access/ reach/ credit assessment to new customers
  • SME lending: Solutions that enable Banks/ NBFCs to advance credit to SMEs
  • Online identity verification and KYC process to satisfy internal policy and regulation
  • Conversational AI-powered solutions (chat, voice) for onboarding, unified interface, product recommendation
  • Data verification and fraud detection

Category: Fintech

Incerasing digitaisation has meant that enterprises and their customers are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks and frauds which can take the form of identity theft, phishing attacks, data breaches and other malicious means. Organisations need to implement robust cyber risk management frameworks to safeguard themselves and their customers from such attacks, deploy appropriate frameworks to assess their preparedness to deal with such attacks, and have the recovery mechanism to deal with any security breaches.

Solutions for 1. Data Encryption & Key Management 2. Risk Analytics & Insights 2. Cyber forensics  3. Data restoration 3. Service capability to enable recovery from data breaches

Category: CyberSecurity

Mobile internet penetration along with technologies such as automation, robotics and AI are transforming the nature of work – who, how, what, where work is done are all getting impacting.  As organisations and individuals adapt to working in a tech-centric and tech-enabled paradigms, a variety of new technology solutions comeo into play.


  • Automating document management processes covering functionalities such as digitization (from various paper forms), extraction, validation, analysis etc.
  • HRTech solutions and digital talent platforms utilising AI for recruitment, onboarding and engagement
  • AR/ VR based solutions for employee training
  • Salesforce effectiveness management and monitoring solutions
  • Workspace optimisation and work scheduling
  • Automation of email based processes

Category: AI, HRTech

Innovation in technology is a key tool in rapidly slowing and ultimately reversing environmental damage and delivering sustainability. The UN member states, in 2015, adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which acted as a universal call to action towards achieving sustainability across 17 key areas, providing a canvass for developing innovative solutions.


  • Solutions and platforms that encourage use and adoption of clean technologies
  • Innovative irrigation, water treatment and recycling techniques
  • Solutions aiding the development of “SmartCity” and public infrastructure
  • Creation of new materials that consume less natural resources and are recyclable
  • Innovation in food and agriculture

Category: CleanTech

AI, blockchain and other technologies and platforms hold the potential to transform healthcare to the benefit of patients, payers and providers. This gives rise to increasing scope for applications and devices to be built for health monitoring, health data management, preventive health care and a variety of newer services which will help improve the overall health of individuals and redefine industries.

Solutions for 1. digital therapeutics 2. digitising health records 3. development of care and wellness ecosystems 4. Personalised health and nutrition plans 5. Analytical solutions to mine clinicial trial and research data

Category: HealthTech

From unmanned robots in warehouses to drones for fulfilment, the current supply chain is undergoing a major transformation. With the possibilities in digitisation, artificial intelligence and blockchain, the future supply chain holds the promise of more efficient, autonomous supply chains and address problems such as counterfeiting.


  • Digital logistics and sourcing marketplaces
  • Bloackchain based solutions for provenance and supply chain tracking
  • Robotics and automation in the warehouse
  • Fleet management and optimisation
  • Mapping and analytics solultions supporting the operation of drones

Category: Logistics

The rise of new digital industrial technology, known as Industry 4.0, is a transformation that makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs.


  • Big data and analytics solutions for collection and evaluation of data from multiple sources in real time
  • Computer vision solutions for smart manufacturing
  • Utilising IoT devices for monitoring, decentralized analytics and decision making, enabling real-time responses
  • Use of additive-manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing, enabling production in small batches of customized products
  • Utilising simulation and AR/VR techniques to leverage real time data and mirror the physical world in a virtual model

Category: Industrial

The auto sector is changing rapidly, as forces like automation, connectivity, electric motors, and sharing are shaping the future of automotive. Unlike past periods of innovation in the industry, the coming years will be particularly interesting because many of the changes will come from outside of the traditional workings of a car.

Solutions for connected cars, autonomous driving, EVs – storage and charging, sharing

Category: Auto



Scaleup Programme & Benefits

Open to global tech startups looking for market access and commercialisation in UK/ Europe and India/Asia

Programme Duration: 12 months


Advisory Support

  • Strategy & Market assessment for UK/ Europe & India (also Middle East, SE Asia, if applicable)
  • Globalisation/ localisation of business model
  • Business advice and guidance from  mentors and industry experts


Commercial Opportunities

  • Business development, corporate connect and market access
  • Commercialisation in the UK/ Europe and India (also Middle East, SE Asia, selectively)
  • Prospecting, lead generation, corporate introductions
  • Assistance in execution of pilots/ POCs/ projects



  • Raising next round of institutional capital/ co-investment for international scaling
  • Preparing for and co-ordinating the fundraising process
  • Investor scoping, outreach, feedback and due diligence support


Networking & Showcase

  • Product showcase/ business pitch at 1-to-1 meetings at India Innovation Day (Feb 2020) and London Tech Week in June 2020
  • PR, Presentation and pitching opportunities at partner events


Bussiness Resources

  • Access to information repository, knowledge workshops and webinars
  • Access to curated professional services and operational support for market entry, legal, accounting, IP, coworking, marketing and IT services

Corporate Innovation Programme

Open to global corporates looking to partner with emerging tech innovation in the India-UK and Europe-Asia business corridor

Participate in B2B Meetings

Startup Pipeline & Engagement

  • Access to all Innovation challenges and X-over50 startup portfolio
  • Startup profiles matched with uses cases and innovation themes of interest
  • Schedule 1-to-1 demos with identified startups (this can be in the form of half discovery/ demo day)
  • Co-create/ launch digital propositions, execute PoCs & pilots, form channel partnerships


  • Participation access to India Innovation Day, and India-UK Tech Summit at London Tech Week

Sponsor an Innovation Challenge

Challenge Launch

  • Challenge launched at India Innovation Day in Feb 2020
  • Designated partner for the Innovation Challenge

Challenge Management

  • Customised use case/ problem statement structuring
  • Enhanced global startup pipeline development
  • Joint screening and evaluation
  • Scheduling demos and co-ordinating follow-ups
  • Engagement with selected ventures for POCs, pilots, GTM and channel partnerships

Innovation showcase at London Tech Week

  • Joint exhibition stand and presentation of solution  with one partnered startup
  • Invite colleagues and clients

Advisory Board, Venture Partners & Mentors

Vishal Gupta

Vishal Gupta Co-founder

Kabeela.Life Ventures

Shipra Misra

Shipra Misra Co-founder

Kabeela.Life Ventures

Mickey Bedi

Mickey Bedi Venture Partner

Kabeela.Life Ventures

Deepak Kasthwal

Deepak Kasthwal Venture Partner

Kabeela.Life Ventures

Ash Balakrishnan

Ash Balakrishnan Business Development Director

Kabeela.Life Ventures

David Page

David Page CEO

Business Mix

Abhishek Verma

Abhishek Verma Global Leader - Digital Consulting


Rekha Mehr MBE

Rekha Mehr MBE CEO

Moonrekha Innovations

Vijay Goel

Vijay Goel Chairman


Emma Shledon MBE

Emma Shledon MBE Export Capability Hub Lead

Healthcare UK

Anirudh Damani

Anirudh Damani Managing Partner

Artha Venture Fund

Richard Burton

Richard Burton Former head of Innovation

EDF Energy

Neeta Mundra

Neeta Mundra Banking & Financial Services Executive


Sumeet Pillai

Sumeet Pillai Venture Capital Professional

Rachana Ranchand

Rachana Ranchand Investment Manager


PK Walia

PK Walia Vice President


Prashant Banchhor

Prashant Banchhor Project Manager


Niraj Saraf

Niraj Saraf Newton Fund Programme Manager

Innovate UK

James Palmer

James Palmer Founder


Amit Shah

Amit Shah Managing Director


Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford

Business Scale-up Growth Leader

Ecosystem & Community Partners

Business Mix

Business Mix CEO / Founder

Kabeela Life Ventures

Kabeela Life Ventures CEO / Founder


LMarks CEO / Founder

L&T Infotech

L&T Infotech CEO / Founder

NIIT Technologies

NIIT Technologies CEO / Founder

Tech Mahindra

Tech Mahindra CEO / Founder

Tech London Advocates

Tech London Advocates CEO / Founder

London Tech Week

London Tech Week CEO / Founder

Investment Partners

01 VC

01 VC CEO / Founder

Bharat Innovation Fund

Bharat Innovation Fund CEO / Founder

Equanimity VC

Equanimity VC CEO / Founder

JSW Ventures

JSW Ventures CEO / Founder

Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum CEO / Founder


Pontaq CEO / Founder

RLC Ventures

RLC Ventures CEO / Founder

Unicorn Ascension

Unicorn Ascension CEO / Founder

Programme Showcase @London Tech Week


Tues 13th June 2017
London Capital Club


Tues 12th June 2018
Institute of Directors


Weds 12th June 2019
Jumeirah Carlton Tower

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